Can't keep old number, very dissatisfied!

Can't keep old number, very dissatisfied!

Postby chezo7 » Sun Jul 24, 2016 4:15 am

I need a name and an email address of someone in NET10 support at the headquarters of the company. I tried to keep my old number when my original NET10 prepaid phone stopped working after their system update. Their customer service people (maybe in the Philippines) said their would be no problem doing that but after almost a month of sending wrong Sim cards after they sent the new prepaid phone and many customer service chats on the net and many long (up to an hour each) at least 7 times phone call to them they never came through. Now I haven't been able to keep the old number and at the same time they disabled (Sim card) the old phone and now I don't have access to all the contacts that I have. To recreate this is impossibly difficult and I need to email someone at their headquarters concerning the degree of ineptitude that their overseas customer support team has. We talked to at least 10 different "support" people and all were not helpful at all especially the one that left me on hold for an hour and never came back. There is a heading on their website that says "tell us what you think" but when you click on it there is absolutely no way to do that. After all the problems I've had for almost a month I want to email them at their headquarters to tell them how horrible it's been for me but I really get the feeling that they don't care al at and that they really don't want any feedback about anything because they don't have anyone with any technical savvy to talk to at customer service. The robot has more brains then they do. Please, tell me how to email them somehow! Thank you if you care and have an interest in this problem! Charlotte Walker email: Please, reply!
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Re: Can't keep old number, very dissatisfied!

Postby JavierNT » Sun Jul 24, 2016 1:34 pm

Hi, my name is NET10 Javier. Sorry that you’re having a problem. Please check your forum inbox for a private message. Thanks
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