what is with this company

what is with this company

Postby VeryUnhappy » Sat Dec 19, 2015 1:56 am

i have been with net10 for quite a few years now.

i am trying to activate a new byop phone and their customer service dept is completely unable to do so. i have spent over 20 hours now on the phone with them the longest span being 9:45am to 3:00pm and ive gotte pretty much nowhere. i started this port/activation over 15 days ago. i have been bounced between departments and have been hung up on twice and even had a service rep lay down her headset and not respond to me. i have even had one service rep accuse me of not giving the information in the correct order as though i should just telepathically intuit what questions they want answered. i was also told that i was confused about what phone im working with because i have another phone on this account which is insulting. this companies service reps continually lose my information claim i never made purchases such as a network activation code when i have and atleast that i was able to prove and get refunded. i have wasted so much time with this companies utterly useless customer service that if i were billing them for the hours i would have a whole lot of free months to look forward to. the completely horrible service i have received makes me question why i keep my other phone with this company let alone add another when they quite clearly cant get the job done. i have never had such inept service before in my life and to get hung up on when im being perfectly polite and providing all information completely and succinctly is aggravating to say the least.
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Re: what is with this company

Postby AngelNT » Sat Dec 19, 2015 9:06 am

Dear valued customer: My name is Angel NET. In order to get this resolved, please check your Forum Inbox for a private message. We would be glad to help you out. Thank you.
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