transferring minutes

transferring minutes

Postby momacat » Sun Oct 31, 2010 4:49 pm

I've had a net10 phone for over 1 year. Unfortunately I recently accidently put my phone in the washing machine! It died. I went a head and picked up a new phone. When I went to activate my new phone the information I got is that if I transferred my phone number it would take several days for that transaction to happen. I needed to be able to use the phone right away. So I activated the new phone (as opposed to re-activate using my old phone number.) That all went well. However, now I'd like to transfer the minutes from my old phone to my new phone. How do I do this? Also is there anyway to transfer all of the phone numbers (contact list)I had stored in my old phone to my new phone (new contact list)?Thanks, Cheryl
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Re: transferring minutes

Postby Stephanie » Mon Nov 01, 2010 3:13 am

Hi Cheryl. My name is Net10 Stephanie and I will be addressing your question now. We can go ahead and transfer the units you have left on the old phone as long as it is active but we cannot transfer the contacts to the new phone. Once your minutes are transfered, the old phone will automatically be deactivated in the system. I can help you with the transfer of units if you want. I believe this answers your question. It's been a pleasure helping you. Have a good day.
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