Can I use a prepaid Creditcard to buy a plan?

Can I use a prepaid Creditcard to buy a plan?

Postby net10whitewolf » Tue Dec 26, 2017 2:54 am

Again, I feel I must start by informing you all I am new to this site so please forgive my lack of results with the search box. Customer service (Philippines language barrier), tells me I canNOT use a prepaid type of creditcard to purchase one of the prepaid plans.I try to ask just what info the automated voice system will ask for that would cause it to reject the prepaid credit card. They keep saying something about it needing to match my name & address... I naturally keep telling them that the whole point of the prepaid card is that it's (supposed to) act like a "regular" bank credit card EXCEPT that it does NOT have your name or an address associated to it! After all, you paid CASH over the counter to get it and that essentially guarantees the funds (whatever amount you "charged" it with) are available. After much frustration trying to keep my PERSONAL INFORMATION out of the hands of yet another company (that's all about gathering and selling personal info), I decided to just try to buy a plan with my bank Credit card. Dialed into the 611 from my Net10 phone and got all the way through to the point of "do you want to purchase this plan" and got DISCONNECTED!!!!!!! So now I have given them all my CreditCard info and they have not processed the plan I choose. I can only hope they don't charge my card. I also find it interesting that the Cust. Serv. keeps telling me I do NOT have minutes deducted for calling the 611 number , BUT that's exactly why I got disconnected! I only had 9.5 minutes left and it took ALL of that to navigate through the voice prompts.
Oh, And the voice prompts only asked for the Card number, Expiration date and 3 digit CVC number. Well they also asked for a Zip Code but I don't recall if that was to verify my phone location or something to do with the card. So I ask...CAN a PREPAID type CREDITCARD (visa/mastercard) from a convenience store be used to buy a plan on the Net10 system?????????????? Has anyone done this?????????????? And , Should my minutes be deducted when I call 611 to access the voice prompt system to BUY A PLAN??????????
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