Temporarily Suspend Service

Temporarily Suspend Service

Postby Gravitycoaches » Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:36 pm

I see several old posts about this, but no public answers, so I will post the question again.

I will be out of the country for six months and would like to reduce my service to a minimum. Other carriers offer a $10 a month service where the account stays active though it is not being used. With Net 10, for my phone at least, $31.50 is the smallest plan I can see, which is a lot to just keep the phone number for 6 months.

I already cancelled my auto refill and am preparing to port the number over to a $4/month number parking service, but though I would check on here one last time before I ported the number elsewhere. I plan to come back to NET10 when I get back in the county, and don't mind paying something for the convenience of just leaving the number where it is, but the difference in $189 to leave it at NET10 and $24 to park the number is just higher than I can justify.

Is there any option to suspend that I am not seeing, or a cheaper plan available with minimal data and minutes?

Thanks in advance.
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