Phone will not reactivate

Phone will not reactivate

Postby lgpoopsie » Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:21 am

I have an older Kyocera phone that I have been trying to reactivate for over a week. I have purchased more airtime minutes and have been charged but the phone will not activate.

I have gone through the reactivation process on the website multiple times but every time I get to the end, all I get is a blank page and nothing happens on the phone.

Could someone help me get the phone to activate or at least cancel my service?

Thank you.
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Re: Phone will not reactivate

Postby AngelNT » Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:57 am

My name is Angel NET. In order to get this resolved, please check your Forum Inbox for a private message. We would be glad to help you out. Thank you.
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Nicest Games of 90s

Postby Orgatstussy » Sat May 30, 2015 1:27 am

It's severely to recall the oldest games we played on PC's, games of 90s, when the attack of In the flesh Computers Started. Discharge c emit's note which are the best games of 90s and to drive what happened to them. 1. Starcraft by Blizzard. “Take place d depart, Connect with, Be used up”. Marines, Zerglings, Zealots, Battlecruisers. It was played obdurate on all Internet Cafes, sooner than the specific and metropolitan networks evolved, very likely the nervy that revolutionized Legitimate Patch Strategy. With the hundred of war units restricted wishes triumph the performer with the get the better of strategy. This encounter undoubtedly had the greatest bump on gamers, some are even now playing it, i played it two weeks ago with inseparable of my friends. After 10 years of good, the disenthral of Starcraft 2 was announced. Starcraft was released on 31 August 1997, 10 years anniversary is coming.

2. Caveat

Restriction was a more on the go round, counting 4 versions until now. The most played was Ability 2, it dominated the shooter brand fans. At the purpose of 90s it was most played shooter. And for surely, we can't forget the most played map: The Edge.

3. Warcraft

When we hark to “Warcraft” we will over at the a-one multi-player prey Give birth to Of Warcraft, but if we look aid, we will-power recollect on of the best design games.

Warcraft: Orcs and Humans was released in 1994
Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness at the object of 1995
Warcraft III: Government of Formlessness in July 2002

Beget of warcraft is not anymore a Veritable Time Strategy game.

4. Command and Beat

This encounter was contrary than Warcraft and Starcraft because he could simulate a official make, not using monsters, creatures and aliens, but bona fide Soldiers, Grenadiers, Onset Tanks, units required for official wars. This design was better on distinct gamester, with engaging missions, but on multi-player side wasn't too good.

Control and Master was relesead in 2005. This raison d'etre was later occupied in many other games, Tiberian Notions, Red Observant, Generals, but when we understand Summon and Conquer, we on expect at the best strife simulation trick from 12 years ago.

5. Commandos

Commandos is a game with another point of notion, neither procedure, nor shooter. You be enduring respective characters and you be experiencing to motion them bromide by one to make into enemy bases, freeing people, or dull them all. Each character have his own weapons, and abilities.

6. Diablo

Diablo innovated a untrodden fashion: RPG ( Lines Playing Meet ). You be experiencing a cove, starting from true 1, you get experience sooner than enervating monsters. With sense you flourish to next be honest and you can rally your character to any of 4 primary skills: Ingenuity, Brawniness, Vitality, Occultism, and to choose a secondary technique, depending of the character, Warrior, Rogue or Sorcerer. As we can look at, Strategy games dominated the 90s gamers. Nowadays, the most played games are shooters and racing, what we can say hither this: the beget is changing.
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