Postby cathypatten » Mon Feb 21, 2011 2:01 pm

Okay I have an lg620g phone through net10,I purchased a usb data cable for it to hook to my xp computer,and after I downloaded the drivers everything recognized and installed and I was given the option on the phone to choose mass storage or data service.So excited I chose mass storage and it worked great!Then I safe removed and plugged it back in and chose data service everything seeming to be fine I set up a dial up connection and there it was,"modem failed to respond"so I tried querrying the modem and same response!Why do they give you the option for data service if you cant use it??
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Re: tethering

Postby Casey1 » Tue Apr 12, 2011 11:15 am

Hi cathypatten. My name is NET10 Casey and I will be addressing your question. Sorry but we don't allow tethering for our phones. I believe this answers your question. It’s been a pleasure helping you. Have a good day.
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Re: tethering

Postby truthmonger » Mon Jun 30, 2014 6:04 pm

Really? Really? "We do not allow tethering"? Are you kidding me? First of all why would you "not allow " your customers to use their bought and paid for phone in a manner they choose and would be beneficial to them? First that is counter productive to good business and 2nd it is like a challenge... "don't allow" is like a a red cape to a bull, a red flag to a gamer and to all red blooded Americans it is a call to arms to insure that everyone and everything is free to use or as Hale V Henkel (supreme court case) states "All corporations are creations of the States and it is presumed that all creations of the State are to benefit the people".
So let me be the first to suggest that you get with the program and not only "allow" tethering but provide the software the cable and make it easy to use so that you can stay ahead of others that are already doing it such as your competition, or you will loose thousands and thousands of customers and bitches like me will go out of our way to tap into every chat room, every posts, every tweet etc, and relentlessly with the thousands of other connections around he globe, tell people to stay away fro Net 10 because they do not have their clients best interest in mind. And we will show you where the "can" in "American" comes from. Not to mention that we will tap into the vast array of those that know how to by pass your blocks and find a way to do what we want with our bought and paid for equipment which we got to serve us not to "not allow".
So guess what? Now you can talk to your bosses and suggest they release the blocking and provide it as a service for your customers or start looking for another business to work for. Remember "Cingular"? First I got them to see it my way and turn a disadvantage into an advantage with roll over minutes (I was going to sue them every month for the minutes I bought ahead of time but suggested they turn it into an advantage and advertise as a promotion) thus roll over minutes were born. Unfortunately years later they failed to listen when I told them not to get into bed with AT&T... they did not listen... and you know the rest of the story.
So it is your choice now... What's it going to be, provide for your customers and get lots of new business or deny your customers what they want and need and dye an appropriate death by loss of customers who will find another company tat will provide them with what they want and need?
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Re: tethering

Postby david » Mon Jun 30, 2014 6:11 pm

Hi Truthmonger,

My name is NET10 David. We’re sorry for the trouble. Please check your inbox for a message.

Thank you.
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Re: tethering

Postby elle » Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:15 am

Hi Truthmonger. Our Terms and Conditions also states that our unlimited plan features cannot be used for access to the Internet, intranets, or other data networks except as the device’s native applications and capabilities permit (excluding all Hotspot applications), any applications that tether your NET10 Phone to a laptop or personal computer other than for the use of Wireless Sync, or any applications that allow your NET10 Phone to act as an internet access point or Wi-Fi for other devices and computers. In addition, you may check our Terms and Conditions under section 20 for further information. Thanks.
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