How do I get a refund on days and minutes?

How do I get a refund on days and minutes?

Postby cynara » Sat Jul 06, 2013 1:16 pm


:!: :x ~~ I have been trying since the end of May 2013 to get help with my new phones.
First it was a Motorola, then a Samsung, now a different Samsung--all new. I cannot get calls, text, go online, make calls, or basically do anything more than put entries in my address book and change my background or ringtone. I get 0-1 bar, with a momentary 2, 3, or even 4 bars, but I receive no service messages at nearly all times, and no matter how many flicking bars, there is no improvement in my service.

!~~Not much good to me~~! My husband and I have been with NET10 since 2011, with few problems. I bought my dad a phone through NET10 with no problems... (I hope).

I have spent MANY hours in the forums, writing, reading & waiting for answers, but though I've had a couple of techs ask for more info, they never follow up.

I've spent HOURS & HOURS on the phone, talking to several different ASSistants, including supervisors (one of whom I can only assume must be the CEO of the company because when I asked to speak to his supervisor or someone who could help me more, he claimed that there is no one over his head).

That particular joker (after they sent me a new sim card which didn't improve things) said that since he could get a call through to me (after trying about 8 times) my problem was solved. :lol: I told him I still couldn't get the calls my husband was making (in the same room or outside) nor could I call him or send/ receive any other messages (although, one or two have now actually slipped through somehow). I can't get online either, or send/ receive calls (except the one I got from that marvelous ASSistant).

He was so funny! :shock: He actually suggested that it was my husband's phone that didn't work and wanted me to let him reset THAT phone! Needless to say, I refused... (BTW, hubby still is having no trouble, thanks to my quick thinking.)

In case the real CEO or a reasonable facsimile sees this letter, and would like to redeem NET10's reputation, I live in zip code 50702, area code 319, my phone is a Samsung S425G with Serial Number 359783041590900 . And yes, I've tried using it all over the Waterloo/Cedar Falls, IA area, including Ames, Sioux City and while dangling from my back deck (all of which helped absolutely nothing).

In the "My Account" section, I see that one of my previous non-usable phones is STILL enrolled in easy minutes, even though the one I'm currently using (the one with which I have received so much happy :roll: help) is another phone entirely, and the record shows that it is NOT enrolled at all, even though I spoke to the ASSistants about that as well.

I am also fed up with customer service over overcharges of at least $45 which I have been trying to resolve since last (2012) December. That one I guess will have to be reported to the proper attorneys general and consumer organizations. This one will be too if not solved SOON~!
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Re: How do I get a refund on days and minutes?

Postby roadkingjim » Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:45 am

I have the same problems you are having. I probably know less about phones than you do. I have an S425G, that has 4-5 receptions bars, but I cannot call or text. The phone says NO SERVICE, and will only let me make emergency calls only. I have only spent a couple hours looking for a solution, but Net10 has been no help at all. :x
I am just curious as to what you eventually done. Did you just trash the phone for a new one? I have over 100 service days left, with 225 minutes. I simply want to get my phone working again, or get a new phone. Thanks, Jim.
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Re: How do I get a refund on days and minutes?

Postby Sam1 » Fri Apr 04, 2014 10:34 pm

Hi. My name is NET10 Sam. Sorry that you’re having a problem. Please check your Forum inbox for a message. Thanks.
NET10 - Sam
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